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A:Our products use natural galactagogues, oats, nutritional yeast and flax.

A: While our products are all natural and safe to eat, we do not recommend eating them until after baby arrives and your milk comes in.

A:Besides purchasing our products directly on this website, you can find us on,, HEB, Meijer, Walmart,, BuyBuyBaby, WestCoast Kids, Snugglebugz and other fine retailers across the USA and Canada.

A: We currently do not offer samples. However, we highly recommend you to follow us on Facebook & Instagram, where you’ll find our posts about sales and promotions, and can keep an eye out for our giveaways for a chance to pick up some free product from us! (US and Canadian residents only for now)

Product Questions: Booby Boons & Boons+™ Cookies

A:All Booby Boons contain 100% gluten free ingredients. They are made in a facility that is currently not GF certified, but we are looking to change that in the near future and move into our own dedicated facility.

A: We do not add tree nuts or peanuts to Booby Boons cookies, however they may contain traces of nuts as they are not made in a nut-free facility.

A:No, our cookies do not contain fenugreek as fenugreek can actually have a negating effect on breastmilk supply.

A:Yes, all of our cookies contain 100% non-GMO ingredients.

A:The product is sold by weight. 12 standard size cookies weigh 6oz, which is the weight of a single bag.

A:Booby Boons cookies contain dairy in the form of butter. In maintaining a soy-free product line we use butter in all of our current Booby Cookies. Boons+™ bars are dairy-free, plant based and vegan certified.

A:They are not a soft cookie like a breakfast biscuit as they have a crunch to them. Soft cookies require preservatives like ascorbic acid and Booby Boons Lactation Cookies® are preservative free.

A:Booby Boons are safe for the whole solids- eating family and will not support or enhance milk production for those not lactating – so your partner and children can enjoy them as well. Be sure to consult the ingredient list if your child has any allergies or intolerance (as is standard with any food or beverage product).

A:An unopened bag of cookies has a shelf life of approximately a year. A best before date is printed on the back of each bag. And as for once the bag is opened, cookies will be fine in a dry/ambient environment for 2-3 weeks.

A:Have yourself 1-3 cookies 1 to 3 hours prior to breastfeeding, as required. Every mom is different, but we would recommend 3 cookies per day to start and adjusting as desired. If you have any additional concerns in terms of milk supply, please consult a Lactation Consultant for further support.

Product Questions: Boons+™ Bars

A:Yes, our bars are 100% plant based and vegan certified.

A:Yes, our bars are made with 100% gluten-free ingredients.

A:It is recommended to eat one bar a day to start and adjust as desired. If you have any additional concerns in terms of milk supply, please consult a Lactation Consultant for further support.


A:We will make every attempt to ship out your order as soon as possible, usually the following business day. Shipping duration will be dependent on the capability of our providers and will vary based on your location.

A:Please email us at as soon as possible with your order number and all related information.

A:As of right now, we sell our products in Canada and the US only. We are looking to expand to shipping internationally sometime in the near future. This website is for US addresses only. If you are shopping in Canada, please visit our Canadian website here,


A:Yes, please email us at

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