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Booby Boons Lactation Cookies

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Boons+ Probiotic

1 billion CFU probiotics per serving

Each serving of Booby Boons+ includes 1 billion CFU probiotic and is made specifically to support and enhance milk production and with the added benefit of probiotics to support immune and digestive health.Probiotics are good bacteria that primarily line your gut and are responsible for nutrient absorption and supporting the immune system.

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100% natural

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Booby Boons were a game changer when it came to nursing my son. Breastfeeding was amazing and one of my favorite parts of mama-hood but the stress of not producing enough was hard. After a friend introduced me to Booby Boons I was hooked and saw a steady increase in my supply and who doesn’t like an excuse to eat a healthy and delicious cookie whenever they want? My go to is cocoa quinoa


Omg I love these!!!Good thing they make so much milk or I’d eat the whole bag!!


My son arrived earlier then expected and I struggled with breastfeeding. I was told to keep trying but it was hard. I was scared that my milk was drying up and a mom-friend mentioned Booby Boost. Within days my supply increased and I was able to keep feeding my little boy. He is now 7 months, happy healthy and breast fed. I can't thank you enough for making such a great product.

Bromwyn (midwestmom)

“I will definitely be sharing these with my clients! I wasn’t prepared for the influx of milk supply lol. I got so engorged I had to bring my pump to a birth. It was a great problem.

@Helpherbirth (Helpher birth support)

@Helpherbirth (Helpher birth support)

Picked up some @storkanddove lactation cookies today and I have to say that I am beyond impressed.


Thanks Stork and Dove. I had to return work when our daughter Lily was 12 weeks but I was determined to pump and continue to breast feed as my husband and I believe in its benefits. Before I returned I started building up my milk supply by pumping (to freeze) daily, however when I got back to my desk job I saw my supply diminishing. I tried a few natural remedies to improve the flow but nothing worked until I discovered your cookies. I bring a them to work every and pump about an hour after my little snack. It's remarkable how well they work! I'm still breast feeding Lily (she is 9 months now) and I feel empowered to keep on going.

The Laughlin Family

These things are amazing and work wonders .