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June 29, 2022 3 min read

The Milk Makers That Are Making Breastfeeding Easier

Here at Booby Boons, we have developed an award-winning formula for enhancing breastmilk production in new mothers. 

Our delicious lactation bars and cookies are sometimes referred to as "milk makers" and will help you maintain a steady flow of breast milk for your child. In this article, we will refer to our lactation cookies and lactation bars as milk makers.

One of the most significant parts about our milk makers is that they are made with natural ingredients, including oats, nutritional yeast, and flax. In addition, our milk makers are gluten-free, contain no GMO ingredients, and are vegan certified. 

How Many Milk Makers Should You Eat To Enhance Breastmilk Supply?

The number of lactation cookies or bars you should eat to increase your breastmilk supply depends on several factors. However, we recommend eating one to three of our lactation cookies at least one hour before breastfeeding your baby. 

We also recommend enjoying one breastfeeding bar daily and adjusting the amount as you see fit. Our milk makers are delicious, and you can happily enjoy them anytime to enhance your breastmilk supply before feeding your baby. 

How Long Can You Store Booby Boons Milk Maker Snacks?

You can expect to breastfeed your child anywhere between six months to two years. If you love the taste of our milk makers, you may buy them in bulk but wonder how long you can store them. 

Unopened, our milk makers are safe to store for approximately a year, and a best before date is printed on each bag. Once opened, it is crucial to store our milk makers in a dry place where they can last upwards of 3 weeks. 

What Ingredients In Booby Boons Milk Makers Support Breast Milk Production?

Galactagogues are a substance that increases milk supply, and there are three main varieties in Booby Boon’s Milk Makers. These include nutritional yeast, gluten-free oats, and flax meal. These galactagogues also contain vitamins, fiber, folic acid, manganese, and antioxidants – all ingredients that help support a mother's overall health while breastfeeding.

Another ingredient in our milk makers is sunflower lecithin. Sunflower lecithin is a phospholipid that prevents a woman’s milk ducts from getting plugged by increasing the unsaturated fatty acids in her breastmilk. The decreased fatty acids cause breastmilk to be less viscous, allowing it to flow easily from a mother’s breast to her child or a pump. 

Why Our Milk Makers Contain Nutritional Yeast, Oats, and Flax?

All three of these galactagogues can be found in our milk makers. Each has unique properties to help increase breastmilk supply and stimulate breastmilk production. 

Oats are filled with iron which can counteract iron deficiency. One of the most significant inhibiting factors when producing breastmilk is a lack of iron, which is why we have included oats in our formula. 

Flax seeds are rich in Omega-3, essential for the early development stages of your child’s life. They also have estrogenic properties, which naturally promote breastmilk production and good overall health. 

Lastly, nutritional yeast is a traditional remedy for lack of breastmilk and has been shown to stimulate and increase breast milk production in new mothers. 

Other Benefits Of Booby Boons Milk Makers

Our lactation bars and cookies are filled with protein and probiotics in every serving. Unlike other breastfeeding snacks, our milk makers are filled with over 1 billion probiotics per serving. You can rest assured that you’re providing your body with the highest quality ingredients and nutrition needed to enhance your breastmilk supply. Consuming probiotics also helps to boost your immune system. 

If you’ve ever wondered which brand of lactation cookies or lactation bars to buy while breastfeeding, give Booby Boon's milk makers a try. 

If you’re ready to take a bite out of our delicious milk makers, or learn more about our breastmilk-enhancing snacks or breastfeeding stories from other mothers, check out the rest of our website!